I’m back… again!

I know I’ve been gone a while – but I had some good reasons! First there was uni work, then there was a load of applications to new places for me to do more uni work, and then my computer broke. Fortunately, I managed to get myself a shiny new laptop! Unfortunately, I forgot the login to my wordpress account. But, evidently, I have now fixed that problem.

Enough of that, though. LET THE BLOGGING RECOMMENCE.

Also, one important thing, I’m now on bloglovin’ if anyone who doesn’t have wordpress wants to follow me. Benefits of doing so include: free words for your eyeballs to read, maybe some pictures sometimes, and also some more words. How could you refuse?

Please read, comment and follow and, if you’re also a blogger, I’ll be sure to check out your work!

If you have any general comments or want to get in touch, please don’t hesitate to send me a message!