Advent Calendars

Since I’ve been so behind lately on updating this blog, I decided that I’d make up for it all in one chunk. So, for the next 24 days, I’ll be putting up one post a dhot-chocolate-1068706_960_720ay about something Christmassy – sort of like an Advent calendar, but with less chocolate and more words. Fun, huh?

Anyway, to start off, here’s a bunch of stuff you probably didn’t know about Advent calendars:

  • As the name suggests, these calendars mark the dates of – yes, you guessed it – Advent, which is basically the countdown to Christmas. Nobody knows quite how long Advent has been recognised, but there is evidence of its existence from as early as the year 480.
  • The calendars came along much later, but they’ve also been around for centuries! Since the early 1800s, people have been opening little doors during the festive season. However, the original ones weren’t quite as tasty, as they contained Bible verses instead of chocolates in the shape of poorly-moulded reindeer.
  • Advent doesn’t always start on Dec 1st. It officially begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas (which can be anywhere between 27th November and 3rd December). This year, it started on the 29th of November, so don’t feel guilty if you’ve already caved and opened up a couple of extra doors.
  • There is no age limit on Advent calendars, so if somebody gives you crap for your Adventure Time one, they’re clearly just a Scrooge and you should ignore them. Whilst eating chocolate.

So there you have it: every time you carefully prise open that perforated cardboard door, you’re actually continuing a tradition that’s older than Father Christmas himself!

Tomorrow’s post: The Alternative Christmas Playlist

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