The Christmas Drinking Game

‘Tis the season to eat, drink and be merry. It’s pretty easy to accomplish the first thing with the amount of festive food that’s on offer pretty much anywhere you go, but some people might need a little help with the other two bits. But fear not! For I have created the Christmas Drinking Game, which is pretty much guaranteed to get you hammered before the Eastenders Christmas special has even started. Here are the rules:

Each participant must be equipped with some kind of festive drink. Maybe mulled wine, baileys or, uh, vodka. Whatever fills your stocking. Now, all you have to do is take a swig whenever…

  • Somebody receives a present they already have
  • You unwrap some socks
  • Someone is wearing an ugly jumper
  • There is a disagreement over who gets to keep the cracker prize
  • Someone goes back for seconds during dinner…
  • … and thirds
  • An older relative says something offensive
  • You are forced to sit through a TV Christmas special
  • The phrase “just because it’s Christmas…” is uttered
  • The Queen’s Speech is on
  • Someone misses The Queen’s Speech because they’re in the loo
  • Awful dancing/singing along to Christmas songs
  • ‘Hello’ by Adele is played
  • A drunken speech is made
  • Somebody suggests a game of charades/pictionary
  • A group picture is taken

And the final rule – if somebody offers you a refill, you take it.

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