I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day…

… But do you, really? Well, one person who does is Andy Park, otherwise known as Mr. Christmas. Andy has been celebrating Christmamr christmass every single day since July 1993. Assuming he started on the 25th, and hasn’t ever missed a day, Andy has celebrated 8,175 times! This guy has literally had more Christmases than I’ve had hot dinners.

By his estimations (from a couple of years ago now) the approximate amount of food he has consumed is “5450 turkeys, 7360 mince pies, 2350 Christmas puddings and a whopping 62,050 sprouts”. In this time, he has also watched the Queen’s speech daily, sent himself hundreds of thousands of cards, and put on so much weight that his doctor had to ask him to cut back on his extravagant meals!

So what’s the point of it all? Andy’s explanation for his, um, unique way of living makes it seem perfectly rational: “It all started about 20 years ago when I was feeling a little bit sad. I decided to go home and put up my Christmas decorations, cook myself a Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, have a glass or two of sherry and treat myself to a little pressie!!! This made me feel much happier,  and from then on I decided to have Christmas everyday of the year!!!”

mr chAndy’s website  provides a pretty good insight into his daily life. He’s got a Christmas countdown for December 25th (I wonder if he does anything different on the real day), a Christmas blog full of photos of him meeting various celebrities, a playlist full of festive music, and, of course, a poll about what makes the best roast dinner.

He seems like a fun – albeit slightly eccentric – guy, and the messages left on his page sound like he’s done a lot of good for some people. Personally, I think one Christmas a year is enough, but I admire Andy’s dedication to the holiday!

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