Winter World Records

As a kid, I used to get the Guinness Book of World Records every year for Christmas. Now that I’m big(ish), it’s not something I’ve read in a while. So, I decided to seek out some records of my own in order to present The Fifty Two Wednesdays Blog Post of Records. Not the catchiest title, I know, but hopefully the content will be a little better –

Most Expensive Christmas Tree

Emirates Christmas TreeThe Emirates Palace hotel in Abu Dhabi, known for its extravagance, was home to this monster of a tree in 2010. The 43ft beast was decorated with £7million worth of jewellery, including gold and precious stones. Then again, this is the same place that has a vending machine for gold bars, and serves coffee with real gold flakes on top.


Most Snowmen Built in One Hour

Earlier this year, 1406 people participated in a snowman-building event insnowmen Japan, and managed to construct 2036 of the little guys in just 60 minutes! Despite the fact that tools were not allowed when making the snowmen, some of them look pretty good.


Largest Christmas Cracker

christmas-crackers-1442895This world record actually belongs to the UK or, to be more precise, to a school in Buckinghamshire. In 2001, Parents of the school kids managed to create a cracker that was 63.1m long and 4m in diameter! It even had a joke inside.


Smallest Christmas Card

Another UK record, but this time on the other end of the scale. In 2010, XMAS1scientists at Glasgow university managed to create a miniscule Christmas card. Measuring in at 200 x 290 micrometres, the tiny card is small enough to fit onto a postage stamp 8276 times! It was etched into a piece of glass and, as you can see from the picture, is not much wider than a strand of hair.

Largest Gathering of Santas

296345-santa-gathering-in-thrissur.jpgLast December, a miracle happened in Thrissur, India when not just one – but 18,112 Santas gathered in order to raise money for charity. I can’t imagine the space that must’ve been taken up by all their reindeer…

And finally, for anyone interested, here is a link to a new record that Guinness are currently advertising to be set. All you’ve got to do is grab a friend and see how many Christmas jumpers you can put on in one minute. I’m actually a little tempted to try myself!

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