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The Right to Offend (and to be Offended) – controversial opinions, freedom of speech and the need to protect it

Chocolate Orange Bites – recipe for rich and chewy orange cookie bites

Chococonut Muffins – recipe for chocolately coconutty muffiny goodness

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International Literacy Day – reading, writing and why it matters

Five Women Who Broke The Mould – National Equality Day, awesome women and their achievements

The Five Stages of Hiking – complaints, mountains and me complaining about mountains

“It’s Just a Phase” – homophobia, transphobia and ignorance

It’s Written in the Stars – horoscopes, cynicism and Derren Brown

A Recipe for Success – The Great British Bake Off, cake and more cake

Phobophobia – fears, oranges and confessions

It’s Not All About You, Honey – bees, why they matter and how to help them

The Decorated Generation – piercings, tattoos and old people